Brand Research


Understanding your brand
Learn how your best customers perceive your company, why those customers choose your services over competing brands, and how to express your brand effectively over multiple marketing channels to create a strong brand presence.

Brand research is about creating differentiation in the mind of the customer, understanding why customers choose to purchase certain products and how companies can leverage a strong brand to command loyalty – and potentially a premium price – from customers.

Brand research is a highly qualitative process, employing one-on-one interviews with your most desirable customers or using focus groups (where appropriate).


Who can benefit from brand research?

1. New company (or a new brand) is being launched – to define the best positioning for the new brand in the competitive landscape.

2. Existing company offering a new product or service – to determine whether the customer will allow the brand values to transfer to the new products.

3. Merging companies – to develop a brand architecture that defines how the two brands will retain their current customers, emerging a stronger brand to attract new customers.

4. Mature brands – refreshing, extending and understanding your brand, and harnessing the organisation behind what your brand values stand for.

5. Rejuvenating brands – to identify strengths and weaknesses in your brand, redefine the brand promise and reposition to the target market.


AMR GROUP has performed brand research for several industries, including Automotive, Motorbike, Beer, Bank, Pharmaceutical, property and professional services. Our research approach is to provide new knowledge and actionable outcomes, using the following process.

Phase 1 – scoping and preparation for brand research
Environmental scan
Competitive analysis of companies in your industry and/or region
Development (and Confirmation of) Brand Research Plan
Identification of perceived, key brand qualities
Identification of Qualitative Interviewees (or Focus Group participants) and framework / questionnaire.

Phase 2 – brand research and analysis
Consultative focus groups to be held with market facing, internal representatives and senior management to elicit current market feedback, perceived strengths and weaknesses of the current brand
Qualitative interviews (or focus groups) to be held, engaging both clients and non-clients to elicit brand drivers and identify subsequent name(s) or tagline(s), as well as learning the fears, concerns and major challenges foreseen by clients to the name change
Online qualitative survey to a minimum of 50 respondents (comprising of both clients and non clients) to verify results
Provide an analysis report and recommendations.

If you are interested in how brand research could add value to your company, please call us for a free initial discussion and formal proposal.

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