Building effective ads


It is too difficult to develop an effective ad!
Effective ads required achieving 4 important components:
ATTENTION: Is it noticed?
TAKE-OUT: What does it convey about the brand?
BONDING: Does it strengthen bonds with the customer?
BRANDING: Does it communicate your brand name?
IMPACT: What is the impact on the Brand-Person Relationship?


Conveyor® is a pre-testing system that helps to predict the level of effectiveness of an ad pinpointing strengths and weaknesses of the ads via comprehensive diagnostics of 68 attributes to pinpoint necessary corrective action


Provides you with complete knowledge of how your ad is working:

  • Will the ad get noticed?
  • What will the ad convey about my brand?
  • How will the ad make people feel about my brand?
  • Is the brand name clear in the ad?
  • Can predict whether the ad will be effective, which allows you to make more informed decisions for media spending.
  • Based on the latest knowledge
  • Predictive
  • Reliable
  • Discriminates
  • Multiple measures, no ‘magic numbers’
  • Diagnostic
  • In-depth quant and qual
  • Clear recommendations
  • Sensitive tool for improvement
  • Flexible
  • Globally consistent
  • Ad agency friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Works with all new ad styles

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