Customer Satisfaction Research [CSI]


In a highly competitive market, providing superior quality products and services to the customers is mandatory.
As the market leader, the challenger client needs to constantly deliver excellent performance in all areas to maintain its leadership position.
As such, providing high satisfaction levels on Sales, Service, Spare parts, Safety riding, and Social Responsibility (CSR) is of great importance.


Why Customer Satisfaction is Important?
» It’s a leading indicator of customers repurchase intentions and loyalty
» It’s a point of differentiation
» It reduces customers churn
» It increases customers lifetime value
» It reduces negative words of mouth
» It is cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones


  • To track the overall satisfaction score of the total network for better Customer Service
  • To understand the performance of the service network by REGION
  • To identify high and low satisfaction areas in each REGION
  • To suggest an improvement for the client


Have been measuring CSI scores for key MNCs working in Vietnam for service networks across Vietnam for more than 10 years

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