Suzuki GSX-R150 2021 launched in Vietnam: price 75 million

25 Jun 2021

The Suzuki sportbike 2021 version has a new color and a new set of stamps, the rest of the equipment and engines are unchanged from the previous version.

Recently, Suzuki Vietnam has officially introduced the 2021 version of the GSX-R150 series. The new version of this 150cc Suzuki sportbike is simply a new color addition with a new set of stamps, while other equipment remains the same.

Specifically, GSX-R150 2021 is added with 3 new color versions including black (red rim), blue – black and red – black. Along with that, the set of stamps imprinted on the body of the new car also cause quite eye-catching visual effects. In terms of design, the GSX-R150 2021 still has the typical sporty style of the GSX-R150 series with a seat height of 785mm suitable for Vietnamese people and a 160mm ground clearance to create mobility for the car when moving. on the streets of our country.


The bike is still equipped with an LCD clock that fully displays all parameters, along with a smart key system with a lock with integrated LED border to make it easy to find the car and start the car. The quick start button with just one press Suzuku Start System is also integrated on the GSX-R150 2021 so that users can start it easily without holding the start button until the car explodes.

In terms of power, Suzuki integrated for the GSX-R150 2021 a 150cc single-cylinder engine block, DOHC, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection. The engine block produces a maximum capacity of 18.9 horsepower at 10,500 rpm and maximum torque of 14Nm at 9000 rpm. The car is driven by a 6-speed gearbox and still meets EURO 3 emission standards.

Currently, Suzuki GSX-R150 2021 has officially been on sale at genuine Suzuki dealers nationwide, with a selling price of VND 74,990,000.


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