22 Sep 2020

Suzuki GSX150 Bandit 2020 retains its design and equipment, but upgraded with new colors and stamps.

In addition to the launch of the all-new cruiser Intruder 150 for the Vietnamese market, Suzuki also introduced the 2020 version for the GSX150 Bandit motorbike with changes in color and new bike stamps.

Accordingly, the Suzuki GSX150 Bandit 2020 keeps the old design, equipment and engine. On the other hand, the new feature of the bike is only in color options and a new design for the stamp. Specifically, the Suzuki GSX150 Bandit will have two new colors: Black Red and Matte Gray; the new stamp showing the model’s name “Bandit” is arranged along the two wings of the bike, above which lies the familiar logo of Suzuki.

It is known that Suzuki GSX150 Bandit comes with a naked bike design, inheriting the chassis, suspension and engine from Suzuki GSX-S150. However, the difference lies in the one-piece saddle as well as the simple tail shape, a little less sporty compared to GSX-S150.

The bike inherits the same suspension system as GSX-S150 with front telescopic forks and single rear shock absorber, 17-inch cast rims with 5 Y-shaped spokes. The brake is a type of disc brake both at front and in the back. Unfortunately, the model does not come with ABS.

The bike’s lighting system comes across as impressive when applied LED technology in both headlights and taillights. With which, the design of the headlights and taillights somewhat resemble that of the Satria F150 and Raider R150. The vehicle’s gauges are a fully digital, displaying multiple info, similar to that of the Raider R150.

The heart of the bike is a 4-stroke single-cylinder DOHC engine, 150cc in capacity with electronic fuel injector, delivering a power of 19 HP at 10,500 RPM; maximum torque stands at 14 Nm at 9,000 RPM.

Due to the only changes in color and bike stamp, the price of the Suzuki GSX150 Bandit 2020 remains at VND 68.9 million VND. The bike has been officially sold at Suzuki’s dealers nationwide from September 21, 2020.


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