25 Oct 2020

Yamaha has just released a new video in the promotional campaign to reveal some equipment and details on the naked bike model Yamaha MT-09 version 2021.

Yamaha MT-09 is a famous naked bike model of Yamaha, capable of making any biker, no matter how experienced, startled by its power. First launched in 2014, the Yamaha MT-09 underwent a slight design upgrade in 2017. Just 3 years later, it seems that Yamaha will continue to fully upgrade this model.

The released video revealed some pictures and equipment of the completely new Yamaha MT-09 model for 2021. If you look closely at the video above, you can see the first upgrade of the Yamaha MT- 09 2021 is the lighting system.

Replacing a compact headlight with a 4-LED headlight cluster is a new headlight with only 1 projector-shaped LED, the two sides are V-shaped LED position lights. Thus, the front part of the Yamaha MT-09 2021 is likely to change completely, raising the possibility that Yamaha will also make some design improvements in the body and rear.

After a fleeting image of the front of the motorbike, the video shows an important part of the Yamaha MT-09 is the handlebar and piston. If Yamaha has made some improvements to the engine, it is likely that the cylinder capacity of the Yamaha MT-09 2021 will be raised from 847cc to 890, while keeping the emission level at a low output, which meets Euro5 emissions standards.

Rumors have it that Yamaha MT-09 2021 will produce 120 HP, slightly more powerful than 114 HP of the old version. Speculations are that Yamaha MT-09 will be sold under 2 variations of Standard and MT-09 SP with higher quality Ohlins equipment. Aside from several pictures of the new model, the video also showcased Yamaha MT-07 2021. However, it seems the mid-sized model will bear little to no change.

Source: tinxe.vn

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