Aprilia SR GT 200 – a new style of scooter for Vietnamese customers

12 Sep 2022

This is a street scooter fitted with 174 cc engine, digital clock, single-channel ABS brake, sold in 2 versions.

Xe ga đường trường Aprilia SR GT Sport 200 giá 99,5 triệu đồng. Ảnh: Lương Dũng

Aprilia – the Italian motorcycle brand is no stranger to large displacement vehicle enthusiasts. Their new SR GT 200 scooter line is something rather fresh. Around the inner streets of Hanoi, Aprilia’s scooter model attracts all eyes.

The SR GT 200 makes a powerful initial impression with its aggressive, strong, and masculine appearance. In order to easily approach customers, the Italian brand installed a 174-cc engine for the SR GT 200, which means no A2 license is required. The scooter has a capacity of 17.4 horsepower at 8,500 rpm, maximum torque of 16.5 Nm at 7,000 rpm. Belt is used for transmission.

The SR GT 200 design is angular with multiple edges. Fuel tank cover and the seat opens at a push of a button. The front drawer has a built-in USB charging port and can fit a mobile phone. Units are equipped with an LCD screen displaying full vehicle information.

The model has LED headlights with integrated LED positioning lights, bearing the characteristic design of Aprilia Racing DNA. A large windshield, fixed to the head, increases the strong look, blocking wind and rain for the driver. Slender LED taillights, combined with large handlebars and a two-tone saddle brings freshness in design.

SR GT 200 is also equipped with a Showa brand suspension system with a front shock absorber of 30 mm diameter, 120 mm stroke. The rear shock absorbers are hydraulic shock absorbers, with 102 mm travel, adjustable in 5 positions. If travelling go alone, adjust the rear shock absorber at 2 or 3. If there is passenger, adjust the shock absorber level at 4 if going on the street, or level 5 for off-road conditions.

The overall dimensions of the SR GT 200 compared to the SH 150i are 170 mm shorter, 26 mm wider, 166 mm taller but the same seat height, at 799 mm. Therefore, to sit firmly still needs an equivalent physique. The high handlebar design, wide footboard makes the sitting position of the SR GT 200 comfortable and flexible.

Thanks to the 174-cc engine, it easily accelerates after each twist of the throttle. Turn the key, press the start button, the scooter vibrates with a steady, slow engine sound. Gently twisting the throttle, it accelerates immediately, with almost no delay. The SR GT 200 glides smoothly and elegantly in urban areas. Running through the roads with speed bumps, the SR GT 200 is virtually stable, but there is still a little ripple in the steering wheel due to the elastic force from the shock absorber on the hands.

The minus point is that when stopping, idling, or reducing the throttle from 30 km / h to about 20 km / h, there is slight vibration. This phenomenon occurs infrequently but is annoying for the operator.

SR GT 200 demonstrated its ability not only to go to the street but also to conquer bad terrain. Thanks to the long damping suspension journey handling flexibly on rough roads, the feedback force on the steering wheel is not numbing. However, the 110/80 front and 130/70 rear tires aren’t meant for heavy-duty off-road, even though they’ve been cut a lot of deep grooves.

The Italian brand equips the SR GT 200 with a single disc brake system on both wheels. Front disc with diameter 260 mm, integrated ABS. Rear brake disc has a diameter of 220 mm.

In the road sports scooter segment, the Aprilia SR GT 200 is in the same segment as the Honda ADV160 in some foreign markets. However, Honda’s model has not been sold genuine in Vietnam, but was brought back by some private stores.

Aprilia’s scooter model is sold with two versions, including SR GT 200 priced at 97 million VND, and SR GT Sport 200 priced at 99.5 million VND. In terms of price range under 100 million VND, SR GT 200 competes with Honda SH 150i priced from 90.29 – 99.99 million VND.

SR GT 200 is like a new breeze blowing into the scooter market in Vietnam, adding more options for customers. The Italian motorcycle brand expects this new scooter model to win a little market share from Honda, where the SH is dominating.


Source: vnexpress.net

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