BMW X5 and X6 2024 launches

13 Feb 2023

A series of improvements have been made on the duo of BMW X5 and X6 in the 2024 upgraded version.

BMW X5, X6 chính thức nâng cấp: Thêm công suất, tầm vận hành và màn hình khủng - Ảnh 1.

On February 8, BMW introduced the upgraded versions of the X5 and X6, two SUV models that share the same platform. Starting with the design, BMW X5 and X6 feature slimmer headlights and arrow-shaped daytime running lights. Since the X5 is the main sales staple, the Bavarian brand does not take risk with the controversial headlight design on the X5 and XM.

In addition, BMW X5 2024 is also added the same glowing grille option as the X6 from a few years ago, along with a new front bumper with vertical air intakes. As for the X6, this model defaults to the M Sport package with dark hexagonal cladding in the front bumper.

BMW X5, X6 chính thức nâng cấp: Thêm công suất, tầm vận hành và màn hình khủng - Ảnh 2.

The interior upgrades of the two models are more recognizable with BMW’s new large-format curved display, made up of a 12.3-inch digital dashboard and a 14.9-inch central screen. Although the car supports both touch technology and voice command control, the company retains the iDrive control knob (which is now 22 years old).

BMW X5, X6 chính thức nâng cấp: Thêm công suất, tầm vận hành và màn hình khủng - Ảnh 3.

The crystal gear lever was replaced by a petite crystal switch. At the center console is a series of touch buttons appearing under the air-conditioning vent, along with a new backlight like the 7-Series and X7.

Another factor borrowed from the X7 by the BMW X5 and X6 2024 is the engine options. All the lowest sDrive40i versions up to xDrive40i on the two cars are supplemented with 48V support hybrid technology for the twin-turbocharged 6.3L I-0 engine, which increases power by 40 hp, to a total of 375 hp and 540 Nm of torque.

An improved charging hybrid version called xDrive50e PHEV on the X5 (X6 does not have this version) is also updated with an electric motor with a capacity of 194 hp (previously 111 hp on the xDrive45e) and 449 Nm of torque. Total power of 483 hp and torque of 699 Nm. The car can travel a maximum distance of 64 km with electric power (previously 48 km), as the battery capacity has increased from 24 kWh to 29.5 kWh.

The high-performance M60i versions retain the same power parameters, although the V8 4.4L engine has also been supported by an electric motor, but it is possible that fuel consumption will be reduced. The X5M and X6M versions are not currently updated.

In terms of technology, the biggest upgrade for the German SUV couple is the level 2+ self-driving feature, which allows the driver to temporarily not touch the steering wheel at a maximum speed of 137 km / h on the roads available on the map. Some other notable highlights include 5G connectivity, using a phone to replace car keys for both Android / iOS users, virtual reality navigation maps and more versatile voice command control.

In the US market, the starting price of the BMW X5 2024 is $66,195, which is $3,600 higher than the old model, while the BMW X6 2024 starts from $74,895, which is $3,800 higher than the old model.



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