Bridgestone launches high-end scooter tires for the first time in Vietnam

12 Sep 2022

In order to diversify the product portfolio in Vietnam, Bridgestone brings Bridgestone Battle SC tires for Honda SH 125i/150i, to be distributed from August 22, 2022.

Công ty TNHH Kinh doanh Lốp xe Bridgestone Việt Nam (Bridgestone Việt Nam) vừa chính thức giới thiệu sản phẩm lốp Bridgestone Battlax SC.

Bridgestone Vietnam officially introduced Battlax SC tire for the high-end scooter segment in Vietnam. This is seen as an activity to fulfill the “Emotion” commitment to arouse excitement and spread joy in the world of motion. This is one of the values ​​under “E8 Commitment from Bridgestone”.


Bridgestone Vietnam diversify its product portfolio with Battlax SC tires for high-end scooters

Battlax SC tires are available in sizes:

  • 100/80-16M/C-SC1F-050P-TL-T
  • 120/80-16M/C-SC1R-060P-TL-T

compatible with Honda SH 125i/150i series, which will be distributed at all tire centers of Bridgestone Vietnam nationwide.

Bridgestone Battlax SC là sản phẩm dành cho phân khúc xe tay ga cao cấp.

Bridgestone first introduced a line of tires for large capacity motorcycles in 2020, in addition to the existing tires for passenger cars, trucks, and buses. This year, it continues to diversify its motorcycle portfolio, starting with the launch of two tire sizes of Battlax SC for scooters.

Battlax SC tires offer superior performance, all-round handling and better comfort. Improved tread ensures outstanding traction for a sporty, dynamic feel. The new tire model is also designed with technology that ensures precise and stable handling, safe surface contact, noise reduction, maximum comfort, and safety for drivers on the city road, both dry/wet surface conditions.


The Vietnamese motorcycle market is gradually shifting to the high-end segment

The motorcycle market in Vietnam ranks among the top worldwide, with the total number of registered vehicles reaching 62 million units (in 2019, according to ABeam Consulting). That means this is the most popular means of transportation in the country, 2 out of 3 people own a gasoline-powered motorbike or an electric motorbike.

However, in recent years, the popular motorcycle market in Vietnam has gradually cooled down and is expected to soon reach saturation. With the gross domestic product per capita showing signs of increasing, ABeam Consulting believes that consumers with higher purchasing power will switch from small motorcycles to passenger cars or high-end vehicles such as big bikes. This trend is happening in Thailand and is expected to start in Vietnam in the next few years.

Mr. Naoki Inutsuka – General Director of Bridgestone Vietnam – shared: “Bridgestone believes that, along with the outstanding development of Vietnam’s economy, more consumers will prefer large displacement motorcycles. With extensive experience in manufacturing motorcycle and tires, we have the advantage to be ready to provide quality tires, serving the needs of consumers when they are looking for high-class products. In fact, Bridgestone has launched big bike tires in Vietnam since 2020. And now, we continue to launch a line of high-end scooter tires, suitable for Honda SH 125i/150i vehicles.

In the coming time, Bridgestone is expected to continue expanding its product line for motorcycles, giving priority to high-end scooters, sports motorcycles, and large displacement vehicles.


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