Details on Sanye 150 ADV scooter

01 Oct 2021

Despite having an almost identical design to a scooter from Honda, the equipment on the Sanye 150 ADV is quite limited.

The success of the Honda X-ADV with its impressive design and powerful engine is the reason why some manufacturers offer similar models with cheaper prices, especially in China. Recently, another copy of X-ADV has appeared in this market under the name Sanye 150 ADV.

Sanye 150 ADV is a product of a manufacturer from Guangdong. Overall, Sanye 150 ADV looks quite similar to that from Honda, but its details still offers uniqueness and gentleness. The front headlights are wider in stead of being sharp. The windshield is clear and raised, while the front crank as well as the entire plastic frame on the scooter looks more muscular.

The low-cost scooter model also has a smooth saddle with two levels, and the tail extends back differently from the truncated tail on the ADV. In addition, there is also the suspension system when the Sanye 150 ADV owns a telescopic front shock absorber, and the rear is a double spring shock absorber – quite limited compared to the X-ADV. This scooter is also equipped with a single wavy disc brake system for both front and rear wheels.

In terms of power, it was revealed to be equipped with a single-cylinder engine, but the specifications are unknown. The entire lighting system uses LED technology to ensure brightness as well as increase durability when used.

Currently, the price of Sanye 150 ADV remains unknown but it will certainly be much cheaper than X-ADV to be attractive to users.


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