Electric motorbikes ‘triumph’ amidst rocketing gasoline prices

26 Jun 2022

Gasoline price is increasing sharply, while many gas-based models are also heavily inflated, and there is a shortage of goods. Consequently, consumers have turned to electric vehicles, making the electric vehicle market much more active.

According to VAMM, Honda currently accounts for 70% of the motorbike market share in Vietnam and is the most popular manufacturer here. Currently, its supply is falling short. Prices from HEADs are always higher than the company’s proposed price. Among the remaining 30% of the market share, Yamaha also has the same shortage of goods, but other brands such as Piaggio, Suzuki, and SYM are not affected as much in terms of price.

From the beginning of June, the most attractive model is the Honda Vision. The standard version costs 42.2 million VND with a difference of 11.96 million VND from proposed price; the Personality version costs up to 52.2 million VND, 17.05 million VND in difference.

Another very hot model of Honda in the past is the Air Blade, which also has a big price difference. The standard version of Air Blade 125 costs 47 million VND, 4.91 million VND higher than suggested, and the Air Blade 125 Special Edition costs 52 million VND, which is an 8.71-million-VND difference.

Meanwhile, Yamaha and Piaggio models did not increase in price. For instance: the standard Yamaha Grand version costs 45.2 million VND. The special edition of Yamaha Grand costs 49.1 million VND, and the standard Yamaha Freego costs 29.4 million VND.


For Piaggio:

  • Piaggio Liberty One still has the price of 48.3 million VND
  • Piaggio Liberty S is priced at 57.7 million VND
  • Piaggio Medley S 125 is priced at 79 million VND
  • Piaggio Medley S 150 is priced at 95.3 million VND
  • Piaggio Vespa Primavera 125 is priced at 75.4 million VND
  • Piaggio Vespa Primavera S 125 is priced at 77.8 million VND


After the recent price adjustment session on June 21, gasoline prices have continued to increase. From 3:00 pm on June 21, 2022, the price of:

  • E5 RON 92 gasoline is 31,300 VND per liter (upped by 190 VND)
  • RON 95-III is 32,870 VND per liter (up by 500 VND)

The increase in gasoline and gasoline-based motorbikes has had a great impact on consumer psychology. Along with that, many electric vehicle models are also becomingly more eye-catching and equipped with many advanced technologies, so consumers are having a shift towards electric motorbikes. This makes the electric motorbike market more active.

According to a survey by PV Autonews at some Vinfast dealers, prices at genuine dealers are not different from the company’s proposed price. The number of interested customers and deposits made also increased.

  • Vinfast Klara S (2022) still has a selling price of VND 36.9 million,
  • Vinfast Klara S sells for 39.9 million VND,
  • Vinfast Feliz S sells for 29.9 million VND,
  • Vinfas Feliz sells for 24.9 million VND,
  • Vinfast Theon sells for 63.9 million VND,
  • Vinfast Theon S sells for 59.9 million VND,
  • Vinfast Vento sells for 56.35 million VND,
  • Vinfast Vento S sells for 56 million VND.

Talking to PV, an employee at a Vinfast dealer in Cau Giay district, Hanoi, said: “Our orders from April to May were over 100 units, but there were only a few dozen available. The staff could not promise the exact date of delivery for any customers.


Source: autopro.com.vn

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