Following Honda U-Go, compact electric scooter U-BE released

17 Aug 2021

Another compact electric scooter intented for grocery shopping in urban areas, named Honda U-BE, was launched by Honda China at an affordable price.

After launching a neat and fancy electric scooter version in China, Honda has continued to launch Honda U-BE – a completely new electric model with a super-compact appearance and attractive inner-city mobility.

In terms of design, this is a compact electric scooter model and only offers enough space for 1 person. Moreover, this model also has a fairly spacious legroom and a hanger that makes it very suitable for shopping. The total weight of this bike is a figure of only 51kg.

Honda U-BE is equipped with modern energy-saving full LED lights, decorated with beautiful DRL LED strips. Additionally, there is a set of outstanding LCD screens, front alloy wheels with single disc brakes, high handlebars, and large travel forks for fairly suitable ground clearance.

The power of the electric scooter lies in the 350W electric motor block. This motor is located on the rear wheel, with a battery that can be optionally changed from 15 to 25Ah. With said specifications, the scooter can travel a distance of 85km after each full charge. In addition, pedals are present so that the users may move freely even when the battery runs out.

According to the announcement, Honda U-BE will be launched by Honda China in August 2021. The selling price of the electric scooter in China is 3,099 yuan, equivalent to about 10.9 million dongs.


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