Honda Accord is the worst-selling car in Vietnam in February

20 Mar 2023

Honda’s D-size sedan only delivered one unit; Ciaz sold 2 units, ranked second-last, and Toyota Prado’s third place was with 6 cars.

2020 Honda Accord Review

Compared to the first month of 2023, the car market in February was more prosperous in the general recovery. Contrary to the best-selling cars, the list of cars that sell slowly or with little interest from Vietnamese customers has not changed much compared to the previous months. The difference is only the change of the order.

Honda Accord from the 4th position of January with 7 cars, in February dropped to the bottom of the table with only one. Accord imported from Thailand, competing with Toyota Camry, Mazda6, and Kia K5. In the D-size sedan segment, Camry is the most chosen by Vietnamese customers, followed by Mazda6 and K5.

The second least-selling car belongs to Suzuki Ciaz with 2 cars delivered to Vietnamese customers, up one level compared to January. Ciaz is a familiar name in the list of slow-selling cars in Vietnam. Ciaz is imported from Thailand, but it is difficult to compete with competitors in the same segment because of user tastes. In the list of slow-selling cars, Suzuki also has 2 other models, Swift and Ertiga, which both sold 52 units and ranked 9th.

Toyota Prado is still in 3rd place with 6 cars sold, sales equal to last month. Prado imported from Japan. This large SUV is often interested by business customers. In addition to Prado, three other Toyota models appear on the list, including Alphard , Yaris and Land Cruiser . Like Prado, Alphard and Land Cruiser imported from Japan, the number of cars to Vietnam is still limited, supply is not enough for demand.

Another Japanese car company that is always on the list of slowest-selling cars every month is Isuzu. This company has two models, including mu-X and D-Max. 7-seat model sold 14 units, sales doubled compared to the previous month, ranked 5th. While D-Max pickup model sold 61 units, up 4 units and ranked 10th.

Ford Explorer sold 42 vehicles, an increase of 27 units compared to January. In February, the most advanced SUV model of the American automaker in Vietnam ranked 8th, while last month ranked 5th. Explorer imported from the US. The car sold only one version for 2.4 billion VND.



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