Launch of LX350T-5 scooter: A BMW and Voge colaboration

21 Sep 2021

In addition to design aspects of a BMW scooter, the VOGE LX350T-5 also comes with with a powerful engine and modern equipment.

China Motor Show is an event that brings together many of the top motorcycle manufacturers in the world’s most populous country. From which, a series of new models have been introduced. Among these models stands the VOGE LX350T-5.

As a cooperation product between Voge and BMW, the VOGE LX350T-5 bears resemblance to the BMW C400. This is a strategy that the Chinese manufacturer has implemented quite successfully in recent times, as Voge has collaborated with big names such as Aprillia, Benelli, KTM, CFMoto, QJMotor… to launch products before.

VOGE LX350T-5 employs a 349cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine block, similar to the BMW C400 series. However, it is adjusted for slight power reduction. Meanwhile, the design seems to inherit completely from the BMW C400GT.

The new scooter model from VOGE also comes with a fully digital control panel. An TFT display is available with adequate info to help users better grasp the state of their vehicle. The scooter is also equipped with an electrically controlled windshield. Safety is ensured by a double-disc brake at the front, a single disc brake at the rear, ABS included.

Currently, VOGE has not announced the detailed specifications as well as the selling price of the LX350T-5, but it is expected that the price will be competetitive in the current market.


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