Only 5 units of VinFast VF e34 were delivered to Vietnamese customers in August

19 Sep 2022

The total number of VinFast cars sold in August 2022 was at a record low, reaching just over 1,200 units.

According to sales results announced by VinFast, the Vietnamese brand sold a total of 1,220 cars in August, a sharp decrease compared to July. Particularly, VinFast Lux A2.0 is the best-selling product with sales of 849 units, despite decreased compared to July, it continues to appear in the top 10 best-sellers in the market. Next was Fadil with 329 vehicles delivered; Lux SA2.0 sold only 37 units, while VF e34 had only 5.

Model Jul 2022 Aug 2022 Accumulative 2022
Fadil 766 329 10.661
Lux A2.0 1.085 849 3.683
Lux SA2.0 224 37 1.500
VF e34 62 5 2.208
Tổng 2.137 1.220 18.052

VinFast automobile business results in August 2022 (Unit: units)


According to VinFast’s explanation, the reason for this decrease in sales is due to low inventory for the three petrol-based cars, while the supply of spare parts for the VF e34 electric car model is once again facing difficulties. Since the beginning of year, only 2,208 customers have received VinFast VF e34, a huge gap compared to the 25,000 orders announced at the beginning of the year.

On September 10, VinFast officially handed over the VF8 electric car model to pioneer customers. After the first batch of 100 units, VinFast will continue to boost production to deliver more. In early November, Vinfast expects the first 5,000 VF8 units for the international market to be officially exported to the US, Canada, and Europe to prepare for delivery in December.

On the Vietnamese market side, users who buy VinFast VF8 and VF9 will have the option of buying a battery pack instead of rental. Of course, with the purchase of the battery, the cost will increase. With battery included, VF8 costs about 400 million VND, and the VF9 will be nearly 500 million VND.



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