Range Rover 2022: Excellence from design to operation

29 Oct 2021

Land Rover has officially introduced the new Range Rover at the Royal Theater in London. The next generation of their models brings modern luxury, sophisticated refinements, and diverse choices for customers with enhanced personalization.

According to the British automaker, Range Rover 2022 is now their most desirable model. For the first time ever, the brand blends modern lines and breathtaking aesthetics, with technological sophistication and seamless connectivity. On the new Range Rover, there is a design with ample space for seven people.

The new Range Rover retains all the distinctive features from the original model despite converting to new generations. The ceiling is lowered to the rear. The strong body line in the middle creates accents and door sills are raised. Distinctive brand features combine with a short front-axle distance, a formal front end, an upright windshield, and a distinctive yacht-style rear end which is slimmer when viewed from above. These are are key elements to creating an elegant aesthetic of the Range Rover.

The flat and compact details that are the hallmarks of the new Range Rover. These in combination with assistive technology capabilities contribute to the vehicle’s aggressive look. Some of the most notable details include a flat, detailed glass design, the hidden window contour finish, and the seamless laser-welded roof arch joints. The taillight system is designed to be hidden and only glows when in operation. This is an important detail that contributes to the success and character of the new Range Rover.

Also to be unveiled at the Royal Theatre, the new Range Rover SV special edition will give customers even more options to truly personalize their vehicle when this version is officially distributed to the market in 2022.

The new SV model will subtly embody Range Rover luxury and individuality, exemplifying exceptional craftsmanship. Materials for design elements exclusive to the Range Rover SV include polished metal, fine ceramic, fine mosaics, as well as a choice of premium leather or non-tanned ultra-durable fabrics.

Special premium options SV Serenity and SV Intrepid both introduce two contrasting tones from the front to the rear. Meanwhile, the functionally enhanced luxury four-seat SV Signature Suite includes both a refrigerator and the elegant Club Table are electrically controllable.

This handcrafted model will be the first to feature the new round ceramic SV logo, and the naming strategy is simply Range Rover SV. The rounded SV logo represents the versions of the Special Edition Manufacturing (SVO), the perfect distillation of the design team’s passion for design and engineering for luxury, modern, outstanding performance and operability. The circular SV logo will be present in all-new Land Rover models launched by the SVO in the future.

The new Range Rover perfectly combines cutting-edge technology with modern luxury to deliver unparalleled sophistication to both driver and passenger. This is the first to utilize a flexible modular architecture: Land Rover’s new vertical Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA-Flex).

The new Range Rover is available with the option of a mild-hybrid electric powertrain (MHEV), which includes four, five, or seven-seated options on versions with standard and extended wheelbase designs.

Fully electric Range Rover – Land Rover’s first electric model will be on the market in 2024. These will be the first in a series of other electric vehicles from Land Rover. Every model will have an all-electric version by the end of this era, helping Jaguar Land Rover meet its emissions standards across its vehicle, operations, and supply chain by 2039.

Range Rover models with plug-in hybrid petrol (PHEV) powertrains have emissions below 30g/km with a driving range of up to 100km under WLTP certification in all-electric driving mode. In fact, with all-electric driving, the expected driving range is up to 80km – enough for Land Rover customers to complete 75% of the journey if running in all-electric mode alone.

A range of advanced technologies contributes to the unparalleled comfort and refinement of the new Range Rover, including the new third-generation Active Noise Canceling Technology that provides the quietest interior space when driving, in combination with intuitive voice control from Amazon Alexa. The Air Purification System combines dual nanoe X technology to reduce allergens and eliminate pathogens, greatly reducing odors irritants and viruses. The CO2 Management system and PM2.5 Filter further enhance air quality inside the vehicle.

Sustainability is not only in the matter of efficient powertrains. Materials and innovation processes also combine to reduce the environmental impact of the production and usage of the new Range Rover. Kvadrat™ premium wool blend fabric will be offered as an alternative to the leather. This fabric’s wool blend is warm and cohesive, making it the perfect fabric to pair with super-strong fabrics like Ultrafabrics™. This gives the feeling of leather but is 30% lighter, and produces only a quarter of the CO2 compared to traditional leather.

The powerful performance that characterizes Range Rover models comes from the courtesy of Land Rover’s pioneering Integrated Chassis Control, the most comprehensive range of chassis control system ever fitted to a model. Four-Wheel Steering offers stable handling at high speeds and the narrowest turning radius of any Land Rover. Meanwhile, the advanced Electronic Air Suspension is responsive with the road ahead using eHorizon navigation data. Electronically controlled Dynamic Response Pro Body Stability Technology provides quick response in body roll control for enhanced composure and agility in all conditions.

In Vietnam, the new Range Rover is imported and distributed under 4 versions and has an expected standard price of 10,879,000,000 VND. Specifically, Range Rover SWB P360 Autobiography has an expected standard price of VND 10,879 billion. This version uses a 3.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine, 3.0-liter 6-cylinder, producing a maximum capacity of 355 horsepower, and maximum torque of 500Nm.

Range Rover SWB P400 First Edition is equipped with a 3.0-liter turbocharged mild-electric hybrid (MHEV) petrol engine, producing a maximum capacity of 394 horsepower and maximum torque of 550Nm. The standard selling price is expected from 11.699 billion VND.

Meanwhile, Range Rover LWB P360 Autobiography version with MHEV engine, 3.0 liter 6-cylinder, producing a maximum capacity of 355 horsepower and maximum torque of 500Nm is priced from VND 11,079 billion. Customers can upgrade to the optional 7-seat version.

Finally, Range Rover LWB P530 Autobiography uses a turbocharged gasoline engine, 8-cylinder 4.4 liters, producing a maximum capacity of 523 horsepower and maximum torque of 750Nm with a standard price expected from VND 16,199 billion.

Speculations are that the new Range Rover will launch in Vietnam in early 2022. Right now, customers can contact Phu Thai Mobility’s distribution systems nationwide to build their own configuration and place orders.

Source: xehay.vn

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