Recalling over 200 Mercedes GLE cars in Vietnam

26 May 2023

210 GLE units imported from Germany have their drainpipe of the air conditioning system installed incorrectly, risking water entering the car.

A 2020 GLE model in Vietnam.  Photo: Luong Dung

The Vietnam Register has approved a recall program for 210 Mercedes GLE 450 4Matic units manufactured between July 2019 and November 2020. The reason for the recall is that the drainpipe of the air conditioning system was not installed correctly.

The problem is that an improperly installed condensate drain hose in the air conditioning system can cause water to leak into the vehicle, leading to malfunctions in various electrical components. This could result in issues such as a short circuit, difficulty unlocking the vehicle, failure to start the vehicle, or the engine activating emergency mode. These problems increase the risk of an accident.

The recall program for the affected GLE vehicles will be conducted at authorized Mercedes dealerships across Vietnam. The program will be implemented from May 17, 2023, to December 31, 2027. Each vehicle will be checked and repaired free of charge, and the repair process is expected to take around 30 minutes.

This recall in Vietnam is part of a global recall program initiated by Mercedes AG, the parent company. Therefore, the recall and free repair support also apply to non-genuine import vehicles (property transfer, diplomatic, personal, private business) if the vehicles are subject to the recall and requested by Mercedes-Benz AG.

The genuine Mercedes GLE models sold in Vietnam are directly imported from Germany. Currently, there are two versions available with prices ranging from VND 4,619 billion to VND 4,919 billion. The GLE competes with rivals such as the BMW X5 (priced between VND 4,239 billion and VND 4,869 billion) and the Lexus RX (priced between VND 3.43 billion and VND 4.94 billion).



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