21 Jan 2021

In 2020, the number of imported cars from familiar countries to Vietnam largely decreased while the number of imported cars from China increased massively compared to 2019.

According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, in 2020, a total of 105.000 complete cars are imported to our country, decrease to 24.5% compared to 2019. Specifically, the number of cars from Thailand and Indonesia still dominate despite a sharp decline because of impact of Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, some “hot” models were transferred to domestic assembly in the past year such as Honda CR-V or Mitsubishi X-pander (assemble one version, import 2 versions).

Particularly, in 2020, nearly 52,700 cars are imported complete units from Thailand, decrease to 29% compared to 2019. Similarly, the number of cars from Indonesia also dropped to 25% compared to 2019 – only approximate 35.000 units. The “hot” models from these two markets may call the Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi X-pander and Toyota Corolla Cross.

Specially, the third largest exported cars to Vietnam in 2020 is China after Thailand and Indonesia. Specifically, the General Department of Vietnam Customs showed that the number of cars from China registered for clearance at Vietnamese ports in 2022 suddenly increased sharply to 46.7% in 2020 and got 7.400 units. This growth comes from almost of new cars launched in the past year such as the MG ZS, MG HS and even Beijing X7 – attracted model from attention of many users.

In the imported cars to Vietnam in 2020, the cars from the French market have a highest average value declared at the customs port – up to 92,857 USD/units and equivalent to about 2.1 billion VND/car. The lowest valued exported car market to Vietnam is Indonesia with an average registered clearance value of 289 million VND.


Country Number of Cars Import turnover (USD million)
Thailand 52.674 1.072,9
Indonesia 35.043 438,8
China 7.420 275,6
Japan 2.431 110,1
US 1.530 72,8
Korea 1.280 74,4
Germany 986 54,7
Russia 868 50,1
England 341 31,2
French 14 1,3


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