Toyota Camry dominates the D and E-sized sedan segment

26 Jun 2022

Camry maintains the leading position in the segment for 5 consecutive months in 2022, with VinFast Lux A2.0 and Kia K5 right behind.

Toyota Camry 2022: giá lăn bánh 6/2022, TSKT, đánh giá chi tiết

D and E-class sedans are gradually becoming less attractive in the market. With the announced sales of 5 models, in May, this segment sold a total of 1,211 units, which is much lower than the sales of Honda City alone (over 1,600 units) – ranking 10th in the top 10 best-selling cars.

May’s sales of the whole segment decreased by 267 units compared to April, at 1,478 units, although this is the last month to apply the policy of 50% reduction in registration fees for domestically assembled cars. In the D and E sedan segment in Vietnam, only Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are imported from Thailand. The remaining competitors such as Kia K5, VinFast Lux A2.0, and Mazda6 are assembled.

Topping the market share of this segment in May is Toyota Camry, with sales of 453 units, down by 67 units compared to the previous month. In second place is VinFast Lux A2.0 with May sales of 425 units, an increase of 138 vehicles compared to April.

Kia K5 and Mazda6 share third place with 153 units sold in May. Compared to April, K5 sold 64 fewer vehicles, while Mazda6 sold 48 more. At the bottom of the segment as usual is still Honda Accord with May sales of only 29 units, down by 22 units compared to April.

Cumulative sales results are similar to May in terms of rank. Camry is still the dominant of the segment with nearly 2,300 units sold, followed by Lux SA2.0. Under-1,000s are sales of K5 and Mazda6. At the bottom, the Accord sold less than 150 vehicles.

For the Camry, Toyota has introduced a new version, adding a hybrid engine option and Toyota Safety Sense safety package. Meanwhile, VinFast focuses on producing electric vehicles, and gasoline cars will stop production from 2023, so it has a significant impact on Lux SA2.0 sales.

With two models distributed by Thaco, the new Kia K5 was launched in October 2021 with a modern design, priced at VND 869 million – VND 1,028 billion; Mazda6 is priced at VND 849 million – VND 1,049 billion.

Finally, Honda Vietnam introduced the Accord 2022 at the end of 2021. The car sold a version for VND 1,319 billion, genuine import from Thailand. In the new version, the Accord adds Honda Sensing safety technology package, but the high price is a challenge that makes the Accord unable to improve its ranking on the sales table.



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