VinFast Evo launched at 22 million VND

26 Sep 2022

VinFast will officially receive deposits for the Evo200 smart electric motorcycle model starting September 21, 2022. This model is priced at 22 million VND and can travel 205 km/charge.

VinFast chính thức nhận đặt cọc mẫu xe máy điện Evo200.

VinFast Evo200 is the only brand-new 2-wheeler the brand launches in 2022 alongside 4 upgrades to: Feliz S, Klara S (2022), Vento S, and Theon S. The attractive point of VinFast Evo200 is its price. While being the cheapest, it has the highest mobility, up to 205 km/charge.

The scooter has two versions including Evo200 and Evo200 Lite, both priced at 22,000,000 VND (Price includes VAT and 400W charger). This is the most affordable model in the product range, equipped with new generation LFP battery technology for outstanding travel distance, up to 205 km/charge. VinFast officially accepts deposits for Evo200 from September 21, 2022. It is expected that the handover ceremony of VinFast Evo200 electric motorbike will be held on September 29, at VinFast Factory for customers who make the earliest deposit.

Xe máy điện VinFast EVO200 có giá bán 22 triệu đồng.

In terms of decoration, Evo200 is inspired by bumblebees, featuring a compact design with rounded, modern lines, bringing a dynamic and youthful look. The body and rear of the car have a seamless design, gently stroking backwards to create a sense of serenity, liberality, but still elegant in Italian style.

The entire lighting system and signal lights of VinFast Evo200 are full LEDs. In particular, the LED projector headlight system brings high lighting efficiency, increasing visibility for the driver. LED taillights and turn signals enhance the vehicle’s visibility.

VinFast Evo 200 is an electric motorcycle model with a stylish design and suitable for urban areas. The model offers 5 fashionable color options: Yellow / Magenta / Pearl White / Charcoal Blue / Matte Black.

In terms of performance, Evo200 can move with a maximum speed of 70km/h, Evo200Lite is adjusted to a maximum speed limit of 49km/h, suitable for student consumers. VinFast Evo200 applies LFP battery technology and is equipped with an in-hub engine located at the rear wheel, allowing it to travel up to 205 km/charge in operating conditions at 30km/h. In particular, the battery and motor both meet IP67 waterproof standards, allowing the vehicle to operate stably at 0.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. This scooter comes with a 400W charger, capable of charging from 20% to 100% of the battery in about 8 hours, and from 0% to 100% of the battery in about 10 hours. Customers can also buy an additional 1000W charger to shorten the full charge time to about 4 hours.

Both Evo200 and Evo200 Lite have connectivity and control via the VinFast e-Scooter application on mobile phone, with functions such as vehicle locating, automatic diagnosis, and vehicle status display…


Battery rental package information:

VinFast continues to deploy the battery rental model with Evo200 including 2 fixed and flexible subscription packages. Specifically, the Fixed subscription package costs VND 350,000/month – unlimited mileage; Flexible subscription package costs 189,000 VND/month (limited to 500km/month, with each additional km customers pay 374 VND/km).

From October 1, 2022, VinFast applies a fee for battery subscription packages for all models at 600,000 VND/exchange. Besides the battery rental option, customers can also buy off a battery unit at a cost of VND 19,900,000/battery.

Customers who make a deposit to buy a unit in the first month (from 21/02/2022 – 21/10/2022) or the first 20,000 orders (whichever comes first) will be given a 12-month fixed battery subscription package worth up to 4.2 million VND. In addition, the first 1,000 customers to deposit via VinFast’s website also have the opportunity to receive more attractive gifts.



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