VinFast to launch new electric car duo at America’s leading automobile event

05 Oct 2021

Two Vinfast electric car models that will make an appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021 are VF e35 and VF e36.

Los Angeles Auto Show 2021 is one of the 4 largest auto shows in the US, where the world’s mosto impressive products gather. This event will attract hundreds of thousands of guests and journalists, along with industry experts from many countries. Many startups and new brands choose LA Auto Show to introduce their products.

The Los Angeles Auto Show was founded in 1907 and has since been one of the most influential automobile shows globally with a scale of up to 91,000 square meters. In particular, LA Auto Show 2021 will have a 4,180-square-meter indoor test track in the South Lobby of the convention center for attendees to experience the models. There is even a separate space for kids, promising to bring many interesting experiences.


VinFast chose Los Angeles Auto Show 2021 to display two completely new car models, VF e35 and VF e36. It is known that the cost to have a slot to display models, along with experience spaces at America’s top events, is far from inexpensive. However, appearing at this prestigious exhibition will definitely help the two high-end electric car models of the Vietnamese company to be known. Therefore, the expensive fee is well worth it.


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