VinFast prepares to make the biggest bus ever with 3 double doors

10 Dec 2022

VinFast’s lastest bus model promises to have a larger size, more seats and possibly wider travel range.

VinFast rục rịch làm bus lớn chưa từng có: 3 cửa đôi, bớt 'điệu' hơn mẫu hiện tại - Ảnh 1.

According to information from the Industrial Property Official Gazette last month, VinFast has successfully registered the design of the new bus model. It is not clear how VinFast has planned to produce this new bus model.

Based on the graphic image, it can be clearly seen that this bus model is larger than the current bus line of VinFast in use. The new car has up to 3 double doors on the side. Meanwhile, the current bus model only has a single door in front and a double door in the middle. The new design is quite simple, not so stylish like the current model. The front and rear are still shaped like the bird wings of VinFast.

The current VinBus model has a maximum capacity of 72 people, including 25 seats and 47 handles for standing guests. With a seemingly larger size, the new VinBus model can have a much larger capacity.

The current VinBus series uses a 281-kWh battery, allowing it to run 220-260 km after a full charge. It only takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

Compared with traditional buses, VinBus has a lot of smarter equipment, such as automatically controlling driver behavior, warning of unsafe hazards, auto lower body mode when getting on and off to serve the elderly, children, or disabled… The car also has a USB port to charge mobile devices and free WiFi…

VinFast rục rịch làm bus lớn chưa từng có: 3 cửa đôi, bớt 'điệu' hơn mẫu hiện tại - Ảnh 3.

Registering for protection of an industrial design does not mean that VinFast will produce said model. However, this step also shows the ambition of the Vietnamese car company not only to cover passenger cars but also to develop commercial vehicles. Most recently, VinFast has just borrowed and received a preferential grant of 135 million USD to develop buses and a network of charging stations.

Currently, VinFast electric buses are operating in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The frequency of appearance of VinBus is increasing. If making a large bus as in the registration of an industrial design, VinFast can not only bring this model to serve inner city transportation but also can expand the operating range of this model.



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