Brand-new Jupiter Finn clutch launched in Vietnam

25 Jul 2022

Yamaha Jupiter Finn is equipped with a safer UBS, low fuel consumption engine, and an attractive starting price of VND 27.5 million.

Jupiter Finn

On July 17, Yamaha Motor Vietnam officially launched a new product called Jupiter Finn for Vietnamese customers. It is known that this is the latest generation of the Jupiter clutch motorcycle series with a completely new design and fuel-efficient engine.

Unlike previous generations of Jupiter, or the R, V, MX, Gravita or, Fi product lines, Jupiter Finn has a more pure and user-friendly design, no longer are there sporty or youthful engravings as before. Even the appearance of the bike resembles that of rival models such as the current Honda Wave RSX or Honda Future.

Yamaha Jupiter Finn

The headlight is a single lamp design instead of the traditional double lights. The mask below has a fairly simple design with paneling details and large turn signals. Other details such as covers, body panels, and tailgate are also designed to be softer and more polite. This design change makes Jupiter Finn friendly to all customers, for all family members.

In terms of equipment, Yamaha Jupiter Finn owns standard equipment such as a suspension system consisting of a pair of telescopic forks in front and a double spring shock absorber at the rear, accompanied by a pair of 17-inch cast wheels with front disc brakes, rear drum brakes in the back. Notably, Yamaha also equips it with a UBS, which helps to distribute the braking force between the front and rear wheels, shortening the stopping time of the vehicle when using the brake.

Yamaha Jupiter Finn

The model’s gauge has a modern 3D design, clearly displaying operating information such as speed, fuel quantity, lifetime journey, and other indicators. Conveniences include a spacious trunk under the saddle, capable of holding a half helmet, raincoats, and some personal items. There is also a convenient small storage compartment in the front.

The most notable on the bike is a single-cylinder engine, 113.7 cc, air-cooled, with an electronic fuel injection system, giving a capacity of 9 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and maximum torque of 9.2 Nm at 5,500 rpm. According to announcements, this engine has a very low fuel consumption, at only 1.64 liters/100 km.

Yamaha Jupiter Finn

In Vietnam, Yamaha Jupiter Finn is marketed with two versions, Standard and Premium. There are 7 total color options. The price of Jupiter Finn is announced at 27.5 million VND for the Standard version, and 28 million VND for the Premium version.



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