27 Nov 2020

The best-selling model from Honda has changed in appearance, bringing better choices for users.

Launched in 2014, Honda Blade is a popular low-cost cub model, and recently Honda Vietnam officially introduced the 2021 version of Honda Blade with a series of changes.

First of all, in term of appearance, the motorcycle  has new color options with the main colors of White, Black, Red and Blue, mixed with vibrant tones such as Orange, Red, Yellow and Blue, to help create a contrast color, stimulates the opposite person’s senses, adds youthfulness and health to the new version. Along with that, the stripe is also changed with strong lines, inspired by the racing sport.

The clock cluster on 2021 Honda Blade  has also been changed with the introduction of a zigzag pattern around the speedometer and sharp red lines throughout the dial, bringing a new feel. The headlights still use halogen bulbs, and the company has removed the light off switch to keep the lights always on. The model continues to maintain a modernly designed 3-in-1 lock that includes electric locks, antique locks and magnetic locks – easy to use and effective against rust; Along with that are 2 rearview mirrors are arranged reasonably with a distance corresponding to the width of the handlebar, making it easier to control the vehicle and observe the rear.

In terms of power, the Blade 110cc uses a 110cc air-cooled engine with a maximum power of 6.18kW/7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.65 Nm / 5,500 rpm.

2021 Honda Blade 110 has 3 versions with specific selling prices as follows:

  • Blade 110 2021 molded disc brake: 21,300,000 VND
  • Blade 110 2021 version of the brake disc rim, spokes: 19,800,000 VND
  • Blade 110 2021 base brake spindle brake version: 18,800,000 VND

All Blade 2021 versions will be available from December 6 at Honda authorized dealers nationwide.


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