Honda introduces EM1 e: electric motorcycle to rival Yamaha Neo’s

21 May 2023

Possessing a compact design, accompanied by impressive modern equipment, the EM1 e: will bring users a convenient means of transportation on the street.

Honda trình làng xe máy điện EM1 e: đối đầu với Yamaha Neo's - 1

Honda has finally unveiled its highly anticipated commercial electric motorcycle, the EM1 e: in the European market. The EM in the name stands for Electric Mope, indicating that it is an electric vehicle with the same power as a 50cc petrol engine. The number 1 signifies that this is Honda’s first electric motorcycle available for sale, while the e: classification confirms its status as an electric vehicle.

Honda trình làng xe máy điện EM1 e: đối đầu với Yamaha Neo's - 2

The Honda EM1 e: boasts a compact design that is typical of street scooters, featuring sleek and minimalist lines. The front of the motorcycle showcases a large headlight cluster, with the turn signals cleverly integrated into the front structure. Additionally, this electric motorcycle offers a convenient storage compartment in the front, capable of holding a 500ml water bottle, along with a handy USB charging port. Under the seat, there is a spacious 3-liter storage compartment, and users also have the option to purchase an accessory storage box placed above with an impressive capacity of 35 liters.

Powering the EM1 e: is an electric motor developed by Honda, delivering a maximum capacity of 2.3 horsepower. This motor enables the motorcycle to reach a top speed of 45 km/h. The EM1 e: comes equipped with a single lithium battery, providing a range of 48 km per charge. For those looking to extend their travel distance, additional batteries can be purchased separately. The battery is removable and requires approximately 6 hours for a full charge.

Honda trình làng xe máy điện EM1 e: đối đầu với Yamaha Neo's - 4

The Honda EM1 e: comes with a range of other notable features, including front disc brakes and rear drums with CBS (Combined Braking System) technology, ensuring safe and reliable braking performance. The motorcycle is also equipped with telescopic front shock absorbers and rear springs, ensuring a comfortable ride. Furthermore, it sports 12-inch cast rims with tubeless tires, with the front and rear tire sizes measuring 90/90 and 100/90 respectively.

Although the official selling price of the Honda EM1 e: has not been disclosed, it is expected to be competitive with rival offerings. In the Vietnamese market, for instance, Yamaha has recently launched its Neo’s line, which boasts similar features and has a suggested retail price of VND 50 million.



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