Honda Monkey x Hot Wheels 2021 released at only 150 units

19 Aug 2021

The limited edition Honda Monkey cub model is covered by a completely new paintjob and unique style.

Honda Thailand has recently launched the all-new Monkey x Hot Wheels Limited Edition. This is a limited edition of Honda Monkey, but inspired by Hot Wheels – a famous toy brand associated with many consumer’s childhood.

Monkey x Hot Wheels Limited Edition version is still based on the original Monkey’s DNA. The difference is mainly in colors and textures. Specifically, Hot Wheels decals appears all over the bike from the fuel tank, auxiliary fuel tank, body, front and rear fenders. In addition, the rims are painted orange, the upper part of the fuel tank is finished in carbon texture, the handles is come in orange on one side and blue on the other.

In terms of power, Honda Monkey x Hot Wheels Limited Edition comes with a 125cc SOHC-type single-cylinder engine block, air-cooled, producing a maximum of 10.5 HP at 7000 rpm and 10.5Nm in torque at 5500 rpm.

Along with the new color version, Monkey x Hot Wheels Limited Edition also comes with an array of special edition accessories.

There will only be a total of 150 Monkey x Hot Wheels Limited Edition units available on the market, and the selling price of each will be equivalent to 95.8 million VND.


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