Honda reduced the price of a series of scooters, some models by nearly 20 million VND

15 May 2023

Welcome to the summer of 2023, where a range of Honda scooter models, including SH and Vision, are being sold at significantly reduced prices by many dealers compared to before.

Honda reduced the price of a series of motorbikes, some cars reduced by nearly 20 million dong - 1

The scooter market in Vietnam has witnessed several developments in recent months compared to previous times. Honda’s popular scooters such as SH, SH Mode, Vision, LEAD, and Air Blade are now available at unprecedentedly low prices. Additionally, many HEAD Honda dealers in various locations are offering huge promotions.

A HEAD Honda dealer in Bac Giang province stated that they are implementing a massive incentive program to stimulate shopping demand. As part of this program, customers purchasing scooters such as SH125/160, SH Mode, Air Blade, LEAD, and Vision will receive a voucher worth 1 million VND. For scooters like Vario 160, customers will receive an immediate voucher of 5.8 million VND.

Furthermore, customers buying Honda CBR motorcycles from HEAD Honda are also eligible for substantial promotions with vouchers of up to 5.3 million VND. There’s a special ‘shocking’ promotion for customers of the Honda Winner X model. Buyers of this manual clutch model not only receive a voucher worth 15.6 million VND but also an additional 3 million VND for registration fees. Consequently, the total promotion for Winner X clutches amounts to 18.6 million VND.

Honda reduced the price of a series of motorbikes, some cars reduced by nearly 20 million - 2

In the southern region, many HEAD Hondas are also offering attractive promotions for the Honda Winner X clutch. A survey conducted at a Honda HEAD dealer in Can Tho revealed that Winner X buyers have the opportunity to receive a total incentive of up to 19.5 million VND. Here, HEAD Honda subsidizes up to 15.5 million VND, refunds registration fees up to 3 million VND, and provides a gift package worth 1 million VND.

In the Hanoi area, several Honda models are also sold with significant incentives. A HEAD in the inner city of Hanoi mentioned that customers purchasing Winner X will have the vehicle registration fee of 3 million VND covered. Buyers of Vario 160 receive a registration fee support of 1 million VND, while those purchasing CBR150R receive an immediate 1 million VND discount. Customers buying SH350i are supported with 2 million VND for taking the A2 exam and receive an additional gift of 1 helmet.

The fact that HEAD Honda dealers are offering discounts on this series of scooters indicates a decline in motorcycle purchasing power in Vietnam. This is further supported by the sharp decline in motorcycle sales reported by many manufacturers in Vietnam during the first quarter of 2023. Moreover, as the summer season approaches, which is also near the middle of the year, the demand for shopping typically weakens compared to the beginning of the year. Additionally, as the rainy season approaches, the prices of scooters may further decrease.



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