Honda Wave 110i imported from Thailand continues to discount

13 Feb 2023

Thai-imported Honda Wave 110i is continuously discount, this time by nearly 20 million VND compared to when it arrived in Vietnam.

Honda Wave 110i

Possessing a sporty design, basic equipment and a 110cc engine… Honda Wave 110i CBU imported from Thailand has just entered the Vietnamese market with a selling price of up to VND 80 million, including other costs.

However, in the context of Vietnamese customers having many choices with locally assembled cub models such as Wave Alpha, RSX, Sirius … private dealers are forced to reduce the price of Thai imported Honda Wave 110i to a lower level to attract customers as its price is too high compared to the common ground.

Specifically, the model currently sells for only 62 million VND. This price has decreased by nearly 6 million compared to before Tet and dropped by nearly 20 million compared to the initial price offered 5 months ago.

The dealership said that Wave 110i’s sales did not meet expectations like Wave 125i, so it had to modify the price to attract users. Most likely in the future, Wave 110i will no longer be sold in Vietnam.

Entering the Vietnamese motorcycle market from August last year through several non-genuine dealers specializing in imported models, Honda Wave 110i had once attracted the attention of customers.

In fact, the Thai-imported model is not aimed at the majority of customers who buy ordinary motorbikes like Wave Alpha, but mainly targets a group of customers who love to collect and are keen on Thai motorbikes. However, this number accounts for a relatively small percentage of the market.

Thai-made Honda Wave 110i has a design and equipment that is different from Wave Alpha in Vietnam. In addition, the burden of some additional taxes (import tax, excise tax as well as warehousing and transportation costs charged by the distributor in the selling price) is also one of the contributing factors pushing its price up when it reaches Vietnamese customers.



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