New generation Yamaha Sirius FI launched with new design

07 Sep 2021

The new generation Yamaha Sirius FI was officially launched with many useful and convenient changes for consumers at a comfortable price.

On September 5, along with the limited edition Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA, the all-new Yamaha Sirius Fi economic model was officially launched. Accordingly, the new generation Sirius possesses many notable changes to help the bike become more user-friendly and modern.

In terms of design, the Yamaha Sirius FI will still be an underbone model with a sporty design. It inherits the neatness and characteristics of Yamaha models on the market. The bodywork details are completely new, emphasizing compactness and youthful elements while focusing on increasing convenience and comfort. In particular, the cover is redesigned for wider legroom, the driver’s knee can be placed more comfortable than previous generations.

The front headlight cluster on the new generation Yamaha Sirius FI is also redesigned to be neater and more seamless. There will no longer be flickering of Halogen lamps when using the same DC current. Instead, Sirius is equipped with an AC light bulb and will always maintains a stable brightness whether increasing or decreasing the throttle.

In terms of power, the new Yamaha Sirius Fi is equipped with a 115cc engine, an electronic fuel injection, air-cooled, and finetunes to improve performance. The engine possesses good fuel-saving capability and higher durability. The 115cc single-cylinder engine combined with an air-cooled 4-speed automatic transmission achieves a harmonious balance between fuel combustion efficiency, gas intake/exhaust ratio, and the ability to be more economical and durable.

According to announcements, the new generation Yamaha Sirius FI is also equipped with a newly designed exhaust pipe to meet Euro 3 emission standards. In addition, the redesigning of partitions inside the pipe allows for reduced during operation. The entire chassis on the vehicle is made for better balance and compactness.

In terms of handy equipment, the Yamaha Sirius FI 2022 is equipped with a fairly spacious trunk with enough capacity to hold a half helmet and raincoat. This saddle padlock is integrated directly into the main lock for more convenience and ease.

With a large fuel tank capacity of 4 liters, a weight of 98kg, combined with the same fork configuration, Yamaha Sirius FI will be able to operate for 200km after every refill.

Currently, the new generation Yamaha Sirius FI comes with a suggested price in Vietnam from 20.8 to 23.6 million VND, depending on version. There will be 4 basic colors available.


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