Yamaha BOOSTER electric scooter launched

13 May 2023

Along with outstanding appearance, Yamaha’s new electric scooter also converges many of the company’s leading modern technologies.

Xe điện Yamaha BOOSTER trình làng: Kiểu dáng cực chất, trang bị hiện đại - 1

If in Vietnam, Yamaha just introduced its first electric scooter, Neo’s, in the European market the company has a very diverse collection of electric vehicles. Recently, the Japanese automaker continued to add to the market the electric car duo BOOSTER and BOOSTER Easy.

The Yamaha BOOSTER is classified as an AM License S-pedelec (the license class is issued to people over 16 years old who can operate a motor vehicle under 50cc or a maximum speed of 45km/h). The model is equipped with a PWSeries S2 engine with a weight of only 2.85kg, producing a maximum torque of up to 75Nm.

In addition, the engine of BOOSTER is also supported with Zero Cadence technology (supporting momentum) to help the scooter start smoothly even when standing at the foot of a slope. In addition, this technology also supports movement on difficult terrains. The vehicle is powered by a 17.5Ah battery that provides a journey of up to 110 km per full battery charge (for ECO mode and the driver does not exceed 75kg).

BOOSTER is also integrated with rear-view mirror and TFT instrument cluster with easy-to-observe color display. Its minimalist design is not much different from other street bikes. The model is equipped with LED lighting system throughout the body and uses front and rear disc brakes to ensure safe operation.

Xe điện Yamaha BOOSTER trình làng: Kiểu dáng cực chất, trang bị hiện đại - 2

Meanwhile, the overall Yamaha BOOSTER Easy is not much different from the BOOSTER, but it only uses a monochrome LCD clock, and is placed on the left handlebar instead of in the middle. In addition, rear-view mirror is unavailable.

Regarding the electric motor, BOOSTER Easy still uses the PWSeries S2 engine block but is limited to a speed of 25km/h, so the driver does not need a driver’s license. In addition, the maximum distance per charge of this electric vehicle is up to 120 km.


Source: 24h.com.vn

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