Toyota launched a huge offer for the new Wigo version up to 20 million

The new Toyota Wigo version upgrades the entertainment system with a touch screen that connects to smartphones and offers a preferential package worth up to VND 20 million including PVC leather seat covers, genuine Toyota glass film and a package genuine warranty up to 5 years/150,000km, for all customers who sign a contract from 1/6/2021 and pay in full for Toyota Wigo new version from 7/6/2021 to 31/ December 2021.

Increase convenience and incentives for customers buying Toyota Rush

Toyota Vietnam increase value chains for customer who buy Rush. The model upgraded the entertainment system to a 7-inch touch screen connected to smartphones.

Buy Vios in June to receive a discount of up to VND 30 million

Toyota Vietnam & dealers support the fee before registration up to 30 million VND and financial loan package with the incentive interestof only 2.99% for the first 6 months for customers who sign a contract from 01/6/2021 and full payment for Toyota Vios from June 3, 2021 to the end of June 30, 2021.

Toyota Corolla Altis is discounted more than 70 million at some dealers

The move to reduce the price of Toyota Corolla Altis this time is said to be “cleaning the warehouse” to make way for the new version.

What new smart features does VinFast VF e34 car have?

The smart technology on VinFast VF e34 allows the car to learn day by day using artificial intelligence to continuously improve and adapt to the needs of the owner.

Dealer receive deposit for New Nissan Sunny, the price is predicted to be cheaper than Toyota Vios

Nissan Vietnam officially received a deposit for the B-class sedan and many people predict the price is better than Toyota Vios.

Ford Everest discounted more than 80 million VND at some dealers

Some Ford dealers have just offered great deals for all three versions of Ford Everest from 70-84 million VND.

VinSmart stops producing TVs and smartphones, and focuses on VinFast cars

A strategic move to bring VinFast towards its goal of becoming one of the smartest and most convenient electric car manufacturers in the world.

In May, dealers offer incentives up to 40 million VND for Toyota Camry

After applying promotion, the actual selling price of Toyota Camry at the dealer has reduced below 1 billion VND.

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