Honda CB650R and CBR650R 2023 duo priced from 247 million VND in Vietnam

Mar 10, 2023 – The duo of large displacement motorbikes Honda CB650R and Honda CBR650R were officially launched in Vietnam for 246.5 million VND and 254.5 million VND, respectively.

2023 Honda CB650R officially launched at over 190 million VND

Feb 27, 2023 – Mid-range motorcycle 2023 Honda CB650R has been officially sold in the home market at a decent price.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R 2023 launched in Vietnam from 197 million VND

Feb 13, 2023 – Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R 2023 has just been launched in Vietnam with some changes in design, technology, and equipment. The bike is priced from 197.3 million VND.

Suzuki Gixxer 250 priced at only 55 million VND

Feb 13, 2022 – This price is comparable to that of Exciter or Honda Winner X in Vietnam.

Africa Twin 2023 large displacement vehicle priced from 590 million VND

Feb 5, 2023 – The off-road motorcycle model inspired by the Dakar Rally is sold in two versions, Standard and Adventure Sports, launched on February 3.

Honda CB1000R 2023 adds uniqueness, competing with many existing competitors in Vietnam

Jan 22, 2023 – On the new CB1000R 2023, Honda designers have applied better color schemes, transforming the details on the bike to bring freshness.

Suzuki offers registration fee incentives to customers

Jan 16, 2023 – The Japanese brand will support registration fees for 3 motorcycles models in Jan 2023.

Honda CL300 launched in China

Jan 09, 2023 – The model is designed with a strong appearance, suitable for exciting trips.

Honda CB1000R launched from 510 million VND

Jan 09, 2023 – The imported Japanese naked bike model has an additional Black Edition in addition to the standard colors, sold from January 6.

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