Honda U-Be electric motorbike for 29 million VND in Vietnam, travels 80km per charge

Dec 25, 2022 – Honda U-Be electric motorbike is distributed by a private dealer at the price of 29 million VND in Hanoi. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 25km/h.

Yamaha Vietnam to open sales of electric motorcycles

Dec 25, 2022 – The electric motorcycle models were once displayed at an event of Yamaha Vietnam in March.

Vinfast offers 35-million-VND incentive on purchasing electric motorbikes

Dec 18, 2022 – From now until the end of January 18, 2023, buyers of VinFast electric motorbikes have the opportunity to participate in their Tet program and receive many attractive gifts worth nearly 35 million VND.

Dat Bike Weaver++ launched at VND 65.9 million with classic shape and unprecedented charging speed in Vietnam

Dec 10, 2022 – Dat Bike Weaver++ receives many upgrades, most notably in the engine, rear suspension, and design for a selling price of 65.9 million VND.

Lazada Logistics puts 100 motorbikes into delivery operation

Dec 05, 2022 – Lazada Logistics has received the first batch of EV from Selex Motors. According to the roadmap, the first 100 units will be delivered by Lazada Logistics to Vietnam market in 2023.

The most cost-effective electric motorbike model on the market

Dec 04, 2022 – The electric motorbike model of a Vietnamese startup sells for almost the same price as VinFast Evo200, but can both carry more and has better cost per km.

Ahamove launches Vinfast electric vehicle technology service to transport people

Dec 04, 2022 – Following the success of the electric vehicle delivery service in Da Nang City, Ahamove in conjunction with VinFast continues to expand the service of transporting people by electric vehicle in Vietnam.

Dat Bike successfully raised 8 million USD

Nov 28, 2022 – Vietnamese electric motorcycle startup Dat Bike has just raised another 8 million USD, bringing the total amount raised to 16.5 million USD.

Vietnamese electric vehicle brand releases new model to compete against VinFast

Nov 2, 2022 – Data from the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam has just been updated to show that Pega – a manufacturer and distributor of electric motorcycles in Vietnam – is preparing a new model to compete against VinFast and Dat Bike.

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