The 2nd generation Harley Davidson electric motorcycle released

May 1, 2023 – With incredible power and many modern equipment, LiveWire S2 Del Mar impresses users.

Sales of electric motorcycles bloom in Vietnam amidst gloomy gasoline-based vehicle market

Apr 24, 2023 – While the sales of gasoline-powered motorbikes have declined sharply, the consumption of electric motorbikes still increases sharply.

Toyota launches C+ Walk – electric motorcycle for the elderly

Apr 10, 2023 – Not only equipped with an obstacle detection sensor, but C+ Walk also integrates a turn sensor to automatically slow down, ensuring the safety of the driver.

Yamaha gives gifts to 100 first orders of Neo’s electric motorbike

Feb 27, 2023 – The first 100 customers to order Neo’s electric motorbike will receive a gift set with a discount of 1.8 million VND when buying batteries, applied from February 10 to March 10.

Tay Ha Investment Trading Co., Ltd. – A reputable and quality Chilwee battery distributor in Vietnam

Feb 13, 2023 – Chilwee battery is a lead-dioxide battery that can be recharged. This battery line is widely applied to the fields of electric vehicle manufacturing, network equipment, and telecommunications equipment. In Vietnamese markets, Chilwee battery is being distributed exclusively by Tay Ha Investment Trading Co., Ltd.

Honda Cub E electric motorbike likely to thrive in Vietnam with many modern details suitable for women

Feb 5, 2023 – Based on the legendary Cub line, Honda Cub E uses an electric motor that has been registered for industrial design protection in Vietnam.

Neo’s – Yamaha’s first genuine electric motorcycle in Vietnam

Jan 16, 2023 – This Yamaha electric motorcycle model is domestically assembled, has an active range of 72 km per full charge, priced at 50 million VND, and is deliverable from February 2nd.

Honda to launch electric motorcycles in Vietnam

Jan 16, 2023 – PCX electric, U-GO, and U-BE – three new Honda electric motorcycle models are likely to be launched in Vietnam in the near future.

Yamaha Neo’s launched in Vietnam at VND 50 million, competing with VinFast Vento S

Jan 3, 2023 – At 50 million VND, the electric scooter model from Yamaha is on par with VinFast Vento S currently priced at 56 million VND.

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