Nissan’s joint venture launches new SUV Venucia V-Online

Venucia V-Online is a C-size SUV aimed at young customers and competes with Honda CR-V and Hyundai Tucson.

Fuel-efficient version of Kia Sorento 2022 released

Using a plug-in hybrid powertrain, this is the most fuel-efficient version of the Kia Sorento 2022 series in the US market.

Following Mazda, Kia Vietnam launches 100-million-VND promotion

Unlike Mazda, Kia Vietnam only applies promotions for exactly 3 models.

KIA Morning 2022 upgraded with new logo

KIA Morning 2022 launched in the Australian market owns a new brand logo and some upgrades in terms of equipment and facilities.

VinFast overtakes Toyota for the first time in July sales.

However, there are still 2 Toyota models appearing on the top of the best-selling cars and leading the competitive segment.

Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV 2022 launched with the ability to run on electricity up to 50 km

Basically, the Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV 2022 still has the same design as the regular internal combustion engine, only the plug-in hybrid version will help the SUV save more fuel.

Consumption of VinFast cars maintains continuous growth during pandemic

Notably, the sales results of VinFast Fadil in July 2021 almost reached 3,000 vehicles.

MG Vietnam kicks off with promotions for MG ZS and HS

This is just a promotion from the manufacturer, maybe in the near future, MG ZS and HS will be given more incentives by the dealer to stimulate consumer demand.

Hyundai Custo 2021 officially launched, competing against Kia Sedona

Hyundai Custo 2021 was born to meet the needs of Chinese customers to buy a car with a spacious interior as well as a comfortable driving feeling.

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